A forgotten house in a forgotten town
in a state of neglect in a world of renown.
A sleeping mailbox defends an untended yard,
while a poor picket fence stands a slovenly guard.
Invading weeds are permitted to grow.
The rosebush stopped caring a long time ago.​

Maybe even children played here
 under a bright August sun
 Maybe even hope rained down
on the light summer fun
 While ‘I love you’ flowers bloomed
 yellow and blue
 When the sky was forever
 and forever was new.

In the fall a pumpkin smiled at passers-by.
An invitation extended by a hot apple pie.
The unlocked door welcomed strangers and friends:
a surprise and a laugh where the path finally ends.
The verdancy wizened to red, brown, and gold,
as the neighborhood dressed for the dark and the cold.

In the winter spies came,
smoking cigarettes and exchanging envelopes;
leaving suddenly as if their bodies emitted a bad smell.
Raising in their rush
pin-point particles of dust
bedazzled by the setting sun
like lonesome stars
wandering through some strange unforgiving universe.