My professional musical journey started in the fall of 1972, at the age of 12. I was very lucky to meet and take lessons from a top level studio drummer. The years I spent with him, and the lessons learned, were the foundation that I rest on today. His school was not only instruction, but a way to approach music. Discipline and dedication are the self imposed yokes that lead to artistic freedom.

As a music major at the Rockland Music School I studied with Haim Elisha. During those years we covered all the theoretical musical concepts from the common practice period up to and, including the Avant-garde: harmony, voice leading, ear training, composition. In addition, Carter England offered a complete history of jazz.

Along the way there were the 'garage bands' and local gigs; always a lot of fun, and never without a lesson learned.

To be precise, one could say my songwriting started on my grandfathers piano at the age of five, or six - the question of finding the right notes; the fascination of why this sounds good and this doesn't. In my teen years I was given a guitar, that was my ticket to songwriting.

In the eighties I assembled a small four track demo studio where I worked with local artists and honed my recording skills. During these years I started gravitating more toward electric bass and was able to get work as a bassist, but the idea of writing music kept coming back.

By the nineties I had abandoned playing other peoples music and started to produce myself; booking the studio, hiring musicians, writing the charts.

My path had a few detours, I went back to college to study art. I had always like to draw. A picture is worth a thousand words. Some concepts can only be expressed visually. And then there was chess. Chess the disease, once you catch it you can never cure yourself.

2012, luck strikes again, I met a professional songwriter, and took some classes. It felt so right getting back to what I love best.

So that's Evan Houseman. If you'd like to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.


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